Free Printable Bags

Great for using with gifts instead of, or with, traditional wrapping paper, or as goodie bags filled with treats and party favors.

Each printable gift bag is approximately 5 1/2 inches tall, 4 3/8 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches deep. To finish this project you'll need printer paper (heavier than normal paper is suggested) and ink (obviously), scissors and glue. If you want handles, ribbon or string works well.

Since these are more complex to put together than the other printables here at Mint, I've written a page of directions. Please read and follow these before emailing me asking how the heck to put them together ;)

Special Occasions

Birthday Gift and Goodie Bags

These gift bags all have a "Happy Birthday" theme, many of these are suitable for children as well as adults. Quite a few of these also have matching Printable Birthday Cards.

Gift / Goodie Bags For Kids

Bright, colorful and cheery.. designed for kids in mind. These are great for grab bags filled with treats and small gifts at children's birthday (or other) parties and as an alternative to wrapping paper for presents.

General Purpose Bags

This page has simple patterns on the bags that work well for those special "just because" gifts and any time you want a nice bag that isn't for a specific holiday.


Christmas Gift Bags

These printable bags range from old fashioned images from vintage postcards to some more modern Holiday images.

Valentine's Day / Romantic

These are perfect for Valentine's day gifts as well as anytime you want to give a gift simply to show how much you care. These all have a romantic / love theme and are suitable for both kids and adults.


Handy for holding the traditional Easter treats or even the stray bits of Easter craft projects.

Halloween Party Favor Bags

Want a cute and unique set of party favor bags for your Halloween event? These are perfect for holding candies, treats and any other spooky goodies. There's even two that the kids can color for themselves.

New Stuff