Printable Reward Coupons for Kids

Looking for a fun way to reward your child for good behavior, a personalized gift for a birthday, stocking stuffer or other little gift, or perhaps a way to bribe your children? Here's some cute printable coupons made special for kids.

There's 6 different coupons in the booklet and 4 blank templates if you'd like to add some personalized special for your children.

To put the booklet together, print out both the inner coupon pages and the covers, trim the individual pages to size along the guidelines. Once you're finished you can either staple the booklet together or punch holes in the pages inside the blank top section and hold the book together with ribbons or string.

Since kids are very creative it might be a good idea to write limitations on the backs of the coupons (for example, dinner night can't be all desserts) or on the back cover (coupons not valid during grounding or time-outs) etc.

Printing Tips:

For the highest quality printout, the .zip files available to download contain both a high resolution pdf for easy printing, and .png so you can edit the images in your favorite editor.

To use the print online feature, please set your margins to no higher than 1.25cm (1/2 inch) and set scale to 100% for the crispest print. These should print well on either standard US paper size or international A4.

Reward Coupons for Kids
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